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Matthew L. Hartman was born and raised in New Hampshire.
He spent his high-school years at Sant Bani School,
a non-traditional private school. After graduation he enrolled
at the Rochester Institute of Technology where he spent four
years studying photography, and art.

While at RIT, he competed at the varsity level for the school's
NCAA Division III Track and Field team. His life long attachment
and particpation in sports has been an increasing influence in his work,
and continues to emerge. As a senior he expanded his work to
include video, and successfully progressed throughout the
remainder of his stay at RIT.

After graduation in 2004 from RIT, Hartman has continued to photograph. In November 2004 he joined his former teammates on the
RIT Coast to Coast Run, not as a runner, but as the photographer.
He traveled with the team as they ran for just over 12 days,
from San Diego, California to Annapolis, Maryland.

Since the trip Matthew has taken up residence in
the city of Boston. His work has appeared
at the Out of the Blue Gallery in Cambridge. Photographs
from the Coast to Coast Run also currently appear in a
book written by Ryan Pancoast, with passages from the runners.
Details from the book are available in the EVENTS section.